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Episode 9 - "Landing Gear"

November 2016

The Sonex landing gear system is robust, effective and simple to set up, and we cover ways to make it even easier. In Episode 9 We talk with early plans-builder Bob Mika about planning considerations for your gear configuration, challenges or issues builders may encounter, tips and tricks, and a few useful modifications.


Bob Mika: Builder of Sonex 178 “Katie”, a plans-build AeroVee taildragger. Bob is an early plans builder and made all the parts for his airplane except for the welded components, fuel tank, canopy and cowling. Bob even had to cut his own spar caps, an operation that few builders can even remember much less say they’ve done. Bob flies from his home airport in Kansas City and has made numerous cross-country trips in his plane.

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Show Notes

Bob Mika:

“planeolbob” Flickr Albums:

Engine mount and landing gear install:

Tail Wheel install:

Gear and pants fairings:

Tail wheel upsize to 5":

Gear wobble:

Main gear fixes including bolt break:

Bob’s Landing Gear Videos:

Showing the out of round re-tread tire:

Take-off and landing with oak (stiffener) strip:

Take-off and landings w/o oak strips:


Sonex Instruction Sheet – Wheel and Brake Assembly

Sonex Video on Drilling Gear Legs

Sonex Service Bulletin on Landing Gear Bolt – SNX-SB-006, dated 06.28.11)


5.00x5 Tires (Installed) vs Standard 4.00x5 Tires


Isaac Shultz's "Turkey Shoot" Report


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