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Episode 6 - "Talking with Sonex, LLC"

October 2016

In Episode 6 we speak with Sonex Aircraft LLC General Manager, Mark Schaible. We discuss a wide variety of topics with Sonex, review the latest efforts and focus areas, and talk about Sonex’s biggest challenges and frustrations. In the news we review the UK Sonex Approval Document, the recent AeroVee Turbo Service Bulletin, and more.


Mark Schaible, General Manager of Sonex Aircraft, LLC. Marc has been with Sonex since 2004, starting in the warehouse and eventually transitioning into his current role overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company as the company grew and matured. Mark is an avid aviation enthusiast, and has an extensive background in aviation journalism and photography.

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Show Notes

Aero-News Network interview at Airventure 2016

Sonex LAA Type Acceptance Data Sheet (TADS) 337

Sonex Service Bulletin: AeroVee Turbo Coking


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