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Episode 5 - "Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation"

September 2016

In Episode 5 we speak with Robbie Culver, President of the Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation. We talk about the mission and goals of the Foundation, transition training and other safety concerns. In the news we discuss recent threads about solving radio noise, and the Stratux do-it-yourself ADS-B receiver.


Robbie Culver: Robbie is the President of the Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation. He is an instrument-rated private pilot, multiple offender airplane owner, and builder of Sonex 1517, a standard-gear AeroVee Turbo powered Sonex. Robbie recently completed his 4-yr build in October 2015 and flew his plane to AirVenture 2016, completing a life-long goal.

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Show Notes discussions: Radio Noise discussion: Stratus ADS-B In and Traffic for $120

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