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Episode 4 - "Engine Cooling"

September 2016

In Episode 4 we discuss important considerations to achieve good engine cooling in your Sonex. We speak with Mike Smith about his recent experiences trouble shooting and improving his engine cooling efficiency. In the news we discuss NKET-approved Xenos Motorglider Quick Build Kits and Josh Bardell's homebuilt portable air-conditioning system for his Sonex.


Mike Smith: Builder of Sonex 439, a plans-built, AeroVee-powered taildragger Sonex. Mike is a long-time aviation enthusiast, a sky driver with 2,600 jumps, a 600 hr Instrument-rated Private Pilot, and over the past 2 yrs has flown over 200 hrs on his AeroVee. He recently dug into the intricacies of engine cooling on his own project in an attempt to improve his engine performance through better cooling efficiency.

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Show Notes

Sonex Press Release: Xenos Quick Build Kits NKET Approved

Josh Bardellís Sonex-Ironman Blog

Mike Smithís Build-Log Website

Gary Motley cooling information:

Vibe-X Camera Mounts


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