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Episode 37 "AeroVee Assembly and Operation Tips"

May 2018

The AeroVee engine is a great, affordable engine option for your Sonex project. The AeroVee is an “engine kit” and requires builder assembly. A detailed assembly manual and video walk the builder thru this process, but there are areas that may be overlooked, done incorrectly or simply under-appreciated in their significance. We discuss these areas with several experienced AeroVee engine builders and pilots, and present tips to ensure your engine is built right and performs reliably for years to come.


Mike Smith. Plans-built Sonex 439, an AeroVee-powered taildragger. Mike is a long-time aviation enthusiast, a sky driver with over 2,500 jumps, a 600 hr Instrument-rated Private Pilot, and over the past 4 yrs has flown his plane over 400 hours, rebuilt his engine due to failing Nikasil Cylinders, and rebuilt again due to a prop strike.

Bob Mika. Plans-built Sonex 178, better known as “Katie”, an AeroVee taildragger. Bob is an early plans builder and built his the hard way when there weren’t many parts yet available. Bob flies from Kansas City and has made numerous cross-country trips in his plane, accumulating over 350 hours.

Carl Benda: Pilot of Sonex 48. Carl is an A&P mechanic, and a long-time VW engine operator. He flies a conventional gear Sonex powered by an AeroVee Turbo, a vintage Cessna 175 and Nanchang CJ-6 from his home airport in Colorado with a field elevation more than 7000 ft MSL.

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