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Episode 34 “Creating a Dimple-free Turtledeck"

March 2018

One area that requires a bit of builder finesse is fitting the turtle deck skin to the fuselage bulkheads. There are some simple techniques that will allow that skin to lay perfectly flat on the bulkhead flanges, and produce a smooth, dimple-free surface. We’ll describe how to make your turtledeck look like it was built by a pro.

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Show Notes

  • Examples of a Fuselage Turtledeck Skins with Dimples:


  • N1611S Emergency Landing Incident: Forum Discussion


  • Sonex Aircraft turns 20 years old!

    Sonex Press Release
    Anniversary Sale: 10% Off until March 9, 2018
    Sonex Aircraft's New Website


  • Sun-N-Fun Expo and Fly-in 2018:
    Daily Forum Schedule: Isaac Shultz presents Wednesday, April 11, at 9:00 am


  • Paul Starley’s High-wing Concept Drawing:


  • John in Arizona's High-wing Wish-list:
    • Payload & Configuration:
      • About 800 lbs, high-wing preferred
    • Endurance:
      • 3+ hours
    • Speed:
      • Minimum- faster than a 172
      • Desired - 140 knots
    • Climb:
      • 1000 fpm sea level
      • Service Ceiling:
      • Desired - 15,000+ (I’m in AZ and deal with very high density altitudes)
    • Construction:
      • Minimum - Aluminum kit
      • Desired - Pulled rivets, matched hole
    • Maneuverability:
      • Desired - Single / 2 on board: light aerobatics (positive g maneuvers only)
      • Minimum - Utility category limits at gross
    • Engine:
      • Automotive sources preferred (Chevy LS, Chevy or Ford small block with PSRU)
      • Ability to use automotive air conditioning is a plus
      • Aeromomentum 210hp / Viking 180hp
    • Prop:
      • Fixed pitch with option for CS
      • Metal or composite
    • Gear:
      • Fixed, conventional preferred
    • Price:
      • Kit price: $30k - $35k (before engine, avionics, etc.)


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