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Episode 32 - “2017 Look-back, 2018 Look-ahead, and Beyond"

January 2018

2017 is in the books, and there were a number of things that stand out. We look back at some of the more significant things to occur, review a few of the popular topics we covered on the podcast, and discuss the results of the 2017 Listener Feedback Survey. Lastly, we look ahead at a preview of the year we have planned for the podcast, and finish up with our thoughts on a “Most Wanted List for 2018” of things that we’d like to see Sonex Aircraft do, initiatives to focus on, or products to develop.

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Show Notes

  • 2017 Listener Feedback Survey Results

    • Goal: Gain better insight from listeners as to how they listened, what topics they enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy), and what they’d like to see in the future.
    • Responses predominantly from listeners who have listened to most of the shows.
    • OVerall listeners are happy with the format, length of the episodes, and variety of topics.
    • Some comments/complaints about poor audio quality during early episodes, but I hope we’ve solved that.
    • Favorite topics were: Building Tips, Flying Info, Safety-related topics, and Interviews. However, all categories (including News & Event Reports) scored well though.
    • Favorite Episodes: Bob Nuckolls Electrical Systems, SubSonex and Prince Propellers. #1 Episode was AeroInjector Tuning, and people wanted to hear more from Kerry.
    • Criticisms: Too much chit-chat, too USA-centric, and too much factory cheerleading.
    • Recommendations: Cover other engine options; Discuss the B-Models; Bring on international guests and perspectives; Cover FWF tips and best practices; More AeroVee tips.

  • Priorities for upcoming SonexFlight episodes:

    • Engine Options: Corvair, UL Power, Rotax, Viking.
    • AeroVee Tips (assembly, operation, overhaul, turbo update).
    • Sonex Aircraft Factory Personnel Interviews.
    • FWF Best Practices.
    • Building Tips: Cowling, Canopy, Wing Rigging, Basic Electrical Systems, Interior, and Paint.
    • Low-cost Avionics.
    • Interviews with builders who have something interesting and unique to share.


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