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Episode 30 - “Flying the JSX-2 SubSonex Jet"

(AKA "SubSonex by a Regular Guy!”)

November 2017

Every pilot dreams of flying their own jet, especially one that is small, fast and maneuverable. Sonex Aircraft has fulfilled that dream for a handful of customers, but there’s much more potential for others to join the ranks as well! John Corneal is an early SubSonex builder and talks about how a “regular guy” was able to pull this off.

Guest: John Corneal. John is the builder and pilot of SubSonex JSX-2 SN 6, and was the 4th customer to complete and fly a SubSonex. John is a 40-year pilot with Instrument, Multi-engine and Commercial ratings and over 2500 hrs of flight time. He describes himself as a regular GA pilot, having flown for personal recreation and transportation his entire career. John flew his jet to AirVenture 2017 where he was awarded a Bronze Lindy.

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