SonexFlight is a monthly podcast where we talk all things related to the Sonex line of kit-build aircraft. Each show we interview a different Sonex builder or pilot and discuss technical topics, tips and tricks, flying adventures, news and current events.



Episode 2 - "Fuel Systems"

September 2016

In Episode 2 we hold a round table discussion regarding fuel systems. We review what the plans call for, important considerations in designing your own fuel system, common modifications, and mistakes or pitfalls that frustrate builders. We also review recent Sonex new product press releases and recent forum topics.

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Show Notes

Sonex New Product Press Release:
Aug 11, 2016 Press Release "Red Cube" discussion:

12+1 Annual American Sonex Association Sonex Fly-In
Crossville Memorial Airport (CSV) Crossville, TN
October 14-15 2016


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