SonexFlight is a monthly podcast where we talk all things related to the Sonex line of kit-build aircraft. Each show we interview a different Sonex builder or pilot and discuss technical topics, tips and tricks, flying adventures, news and current events.



Episode 18 - “Aux Fuel Systems”

March 2017

One comment often heard from pilots is the desire for more range or endurance. This month we’ll look at a few custom solutions that have been created by builders to provide more fuel capacity, and highlight a few items to consider to start you on the right track when developing your own system.

Guest: Josh Bardell. Josh flies Sonex #864, a Turbo-AeroVee powered tri-gear Sonex, based in the Chicago-land area. Josh and his wife enjoy using their Sonex as a traveling machine, and have made some interesting modifications to make it more enjoyable and easier to travel via Sonex.

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