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Episode 10 - "Documenting Your Project"

December 2016

We discuss documenting your Sonex building project, including the regulatory requirements for documentation, the various options for your logs, benefits of documenting, and tips and tricks to make the process easier. In the forum news we review the pro's and con's of delaying riveting the lower fuselage skins, and discuss ways to fix elevator bellcrank interference in the tail.


Bob Meyers, builder of Sonex 982, an AeroVee tri-gear. Bob completed his Sonex after a 4-year build and first flew in 2010. Bob maintains an excellent website with over 150 log pages, many of them 5-10 pages deep, and hundreds of pictures documenting every aspect of his project.

Back again from his last appearance with us on “Engine Cooling”, is Mike Smith. Mike plans-built Sonex 439 (AeroVee). Mike is a long-time aviation enthusiast, a sky driver with 2,600 jumps, a 600 hr Instrument-rated Private Pilot, and over the past 2 yrs alone has flown over 200 hrs on his AeroVee. Mike has a very nice online builder’s log using the “Kitlog” website.

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Show Notes Discussion Thread: When to rivet the bottom skin? discussion: Up Elevator Travel Limited (due to interference)

Jeff Shultz’s Website

Bob Meyers’ Website

Mike Smith’s Kitlog Website

Gary Motley’s Build Video: “Birth of a Sonex”


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